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Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso) & La Vita Nuova. These four stories inspired me to start the heroic characters who do anything to protect their beloved.

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Michael Jackson - All of his music inspires me, and his film MOONWALKER and its Genesis and arcade versions of the movie's game were the main basis for the start of my Smurf Me Up© stories, and its related Glovey Smurf© projects.

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The Holy Bible - Not just because I have faith in what happened, but it is also filled with beautiful poetry inside and inspirational stories.

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*People Who Inspire Me, & Are Here In deviantART ^^



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*Finish "The Dance of Dreams" story

*Start on "The Robe" story

*Work on images of Prince Theodore and child Theodore

*Translate :iconpitufotontin:'s story

*Work on :iconbluehecate:'s commission

Pink Rose Divider - Free to use by r0se-designs

*Work on the "Smurfs Warriors" story


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Sir Enrique Arreguin

United States
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My name is Enrique Arreguin. My full name and title is Sir Enrique Alejandro De La Vega Arreguin. I am 21 years old and am a Michael Jackson impersonator. When I'm not in the dance floor or stage, I am either playing video games, or drawing cartoons. I come here to just post some of my doodles and some of my projects. What I find very special about this place is that I can be myself and express myself through my pieces while everyone leaves wonderful comments. I also enjoy making friends from far wide. Most of my works here are about the Smurfs and my own OC, Glovey Smurf. And yes, he is modeled after Michael Jackson as well. x] One big reason many deviations are about Glovey Smurf is because I have this series on the Smurfs Fanon that features pictures to go with stories. So, many if not all the images come here. I am also a knight in the Catholic church.
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Favorite Movies:
All the good ones!
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Favorite TV Shows:
Almost all of the cartoons!
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Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
Michael Jackson
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Favorite Books:
The Catholic Teen Bible, The Divine Comedy, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, The Scarlet Letter
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Favorite Writers:
I like Dr. Seuss, but I also like Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens, and many others. I loved Michael Jackson's biography. I think he is an excellent writer.
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Favorite Gaming Platform:
NES, SNES, GBC, GBA, GBASP, DSi, Wii, XBOX, PS, PS2, Dreamcast, N64, Genesis, 3DS.
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Other Interests:
I'm a Michael Jackson impersonator, so I also sing and dance. I also enjoy taking pictures with fans who, well... x) who want to take pictures with me and who want to pose with me.
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Twitter by Th3EmOo User: mjj_Reboot

:iconbluenintendo3dsplz: 3DS Friend Code: 1134 - 9458 - 1084

Kik messenger Icon by RukaStephanieLuna User: enriquearreguin777

YouTube by Th3EmOo User: Enrique Arreguin (Or search my username)

Instagram by Th3EmOo User: enriquearreguin777

Glovey x Smurfette = ❤

GloveySmurfetteMovieStyled photo GloveySmurfetteMovieStyled_zps7d551de3.gif
Let's Color The World You & I photo LetsColorTheWorldYouampI_zps3016810f.gif

:iconpervygloveyplz: :iconblueheartplz: :iconpervysmurfetteplz:

gift to enriquearreguin777 by pitufotontin
Created By :iconpitufotontin:
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Glovey and Smurfette by evilcrazysmurf by PervyGloveyPlz
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Smurfy Time (COM) by Demi-Sev
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early birthday for EnriqueArreguin777 by pitufotontin
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EnriqueArreguin777 Request: Our Song by sandapolla
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